Thrombosed Hemorrhoid Burst Bleeding Treatment

Hemorrhoids occur when the sacs within the anal canal become congested and stretched with blood. With outside hemorrhoids, the situation can get worse and become thrombosed. This is when the clots develop inside hemorrhoid. You may experience pain when it comes to walking or even sitting. Sometimes, it becomes burst and causes huge bleeding. So, it is very essential to know the proper thrombosed hemorrhoid burst bleeding treatment procedure.

The doctor may recommend surgical removal if the hemorrhoids are severe. There are some ways to reduce thrombosed hemorrhoid pain. Thrombosed hemorrhoids receive this name because they make a small thrombosis inside hemorrhoid. That is a clot form inside the bulging area, causing the blood.

Constipation Relieve

When you start to feel pain when doing belly, when sitting, have difficulty walking or you notice that you bleed in the year you should go to a pharmacist, doctor, or health professional as soon as possible. After examining you, this doctor or health professional will know if you are actually suffering from hemorrhoids and if they are thrombosed. In the case of pharmacists, you may be referred to a specialist so that you can observe hemorrhoid and thus give you the best treatment.

If you have constipation, taking stool softeners and increasing your fluid intake can help soften the stool. You can also enlarge your fiber intake to regulate your bowels. If you enlarge your fiber intake to twenty to thirty grams a day, this will help soften the stool. So that it does not become an impact inside the intestines.


The doctor will observe the ailment and most likely decide to feel it or does some observation test with mini cameras.  In this way, you can see it completely if it is inside and, if it is an interior part. After this observation in most cases, the people who suffer them must undergo an operation in order to eliminate the lump, where the blood clot is located. This operation, only a local anesthetic is enough and it is done quite fast. The person who undergoes this treatment should follow the orders of the health professional to keep the area well cared and hygienic to avoid possible complications after the operation.


If hemorrhoid cannot be treated effectively with any of these options, the last effort may be surgery. Hemorrhoid may be essential to remove the clot within hemorrhoid. It can take up to three days to heal, but once the procedure is done, the symptoms are no longer experienced.


Sitz baths help increase blood flow to the rectum and reduce the size of thrombosed hemorrhoids. All you need to do is sit in warm water for no more than fifteen minutes a day. If you prefer, you can also apply a bottle of water filled with hot water to the rectum after defecating.


It can create a blockade on the skin that can prevent chafing and irritation. It is useful to clean the affected area after having a bowel movement. You can then apply products such as cocoa butter, petroleum jelly, starch, lanolin, mineral oil or a product called comforts for baby skin protector. In addition to medical treatment and operation, you can use natural remedies such as applying ice to the affected area to calm the ailment. Some products can even help decrease the size of thrombosed hemorrhoids. You can use products like thrombosed Hemorrhoidal cream, which contains aloe and has a calming effect.

Cold Treatments for Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

Cold treatments for thrombosed hemorrhoids involve the application of cold compresses or ice packs on the affected area to reduce the size of the swollen veins that are causing the irritation. With itching and swelling it reduces, the condition becomes tolerable and the need for scratching is eliminated. One of the best aspects of cold treatments is that they are cheap and easy to use and that they can apply naturally and immediately. Cold treatments are not invasive and do not need the recommendation of a doctor. Cold treatments applied to both external and internal hemorrhoids.

Because cold treatments reduce swelling of the affected area, blood flows more freely and provides instant relief. Imagine you are preparing for a great day at work, but you are worried about the discomfort you might face. Instead of worrying about it, you can apply for some cool soothing relief many times during the day. All this you treat the cause of the hemorrhoid condition. Aside from compresses and cold ice packs, there are many cold-related products available in stores that specifically reduce thrombosed hemorrhoid symptoms. These products come with special applicators stay cold for a long time. This is much easier than using ice or a cold compress for internal hemorrhoids.

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