Mono Eyelid Surgery within Few Days 2019

Mono eyelid means single eyelid. It is said that 80% of Japanese people are mono eyelid but Chinese people’s percentage is 50-50. So, in Japan and china, maximum women fell disappointed for their mono eyelid.

Eye is the most important body parts for our life. Without it, all beauty is dark to us. We know the sorriness of a blind man. He can’t see the beauty of a nature. What is black or what is red, he can’t find it. What an upset man he is! So, for importance of the eye, our god have given a protect way for eyes so that eyes can avoid from various dangerous problem. That way is eyelid. Eyelid protects the eyeball from any danger.

There are two types of eyelid. That is mono eyelid and double eyelid. Mono eyelid means single eyelid. Mainly it can see in Asian people but double eyelid can see in European people. Many people say that double eyelid is more attractive than the mono eyelid. Specially, women said that double eyelid is beautiful than the mono eyelid because mono eyelid’s women fall in danger to give mascara in their eyes.

Before going to the main topics, it is important to know that what is mono eyelid?

Mono eyelid

When we hair the mono eyelid name then one question comes to in our mind that what is mono eyelid?  Mono eyelid means single eyelid. We know that people’s have two types eyelid. One is mono and another is double eyelid. People say that mono eyelid mainly see in Asian people. It is true, creating for eyelid, it depends on various factors. Environment is one of them.

 European and Asian environment are not the same. So, eyelid of these two areas people is different. Many people say that double eyelid is better than the mono eyelid. Probably, it is a true speech because if you have two protectors you will get better safety than the one protector.

Below the line we will see that what the better eyelid is for you. Moreover, you will clear to know others question about eyelid. Just keep your eyes on the text.

What types of eyelid is the best? It is common question for all. Yes, many people say that double eyelid is the best. We can’t believe it because we don’t have huge knowledge on eyelids. Below the line, we will see what are the best eyelids for you.

Monolids and double eyelids

When the one comes two in our mind that what is the best eyelids for a man, then we likely compare the two regions people. That is Asian and European. We know that European people are the double eyelids but, many people say that Asian people are the only one Monolids people. That is not a true. If we research it carefully, we will see that Asian people’s eyelids come in variety shape and sizes. Asian people’s have 40 types of eye so their eyelids are variety types.

General people say that double eyelids are the more attractive than the Monolids. Yes it is a true because double eyelids can make the eye appear fuller, brighter and more awake. Fuller and brighter eyes tend to be seen more attractive. On the other hand, Monolids eyes have another beauty. Monolids eyes make a face looks like a cleaner, fresher and more youthful.

So, my personal opinion is both types eyelids are beautiful but double eyelids have extra beauty which makes a man different from others.

Much of time many people suffer from eyelids edema. It is very unpleasant for all. Every person wants to avoid this disease but they can’t find any solution. Below the line, it will be described.

First of all it is important to know the main causes of eyelids edema. For creating the eyelid edema mono, some kinds of factors influence it.

Eyelid edema mono causes

  • Not enough sleep: it is said that early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy and wealthy. When a man doesn’t take proper, then he falls into this danger.
  • Smoking: we know very well that smoke is very dangerous for health. We know it, but don’t avoid it. Cigarettes and other drugs lead to hormonal imbalance. As a result, your eyelid becomes fluids.
  • Eating excessive salt food: Salt are produced from the water. Salt has much water. So, when you eat the salt foods, then it leads to fluid retention.
  • Alcohol: alcohol leads to fluids retention because alcohol contains with huge dehydration.
  • Allergies: it is the main factor that if you have allergies you have most possibility chance to attack by the eyelid edema mono.
  • Aging: An older man lose their body’s water than a younger people, as a result, eyelid mono edema creates.
  • Crying: when a people crying excessively, it intensify the inflammation of the eyes.

From this all kinds of information, it is clear to us that mono eyelid edema is created by our rapidly life style. If we want to avoid it, we should careful for our daily life style.

Mono eyelid surgery

Generally, mono eyelid can see in the Asian people. Japan, Korea, china’s women want to take surgery for creating the double eyelid because they fall into the danger at the time of taking the mascara or eye shadow. It is true that double eyelid crease can produce a wider, rounder look to the eye.

In the Asia region, mono eyelid surgery is so cheap. The surgeon mainly removes your excessive skin, tissue and fat. Keep in mind that after taking this surgery, you will suffer from some kinds of unpleasant situation like eyelid edema, swelling etc. but don’t worry. You will keep your communication with your surgeon. You known to him that what types of double you want. Hope they will give you better suggestion and you will get better result from it.

From the whole text, it is clear to us that mono eyelid or double eyelid is not a main factor. If you look like a beauty, you need to double eyelid. In Japan and china, there are maximum people are single eyelid, but they are look like a beauty and meritorious. But it is true that double eyelid people have some extraordinary beauty.

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