After Effects of Hemorrhoid Surgery

What is hemorrhoid?

Hemorrhoids, also called piles, are veins inflamed extremely in the anus or lower rectal area. Generally, they are not serious disorders and they are a usual component of the human anatomy. When it increases in pathological size or slip towards the outside, they cause discomfort even after effects of hemorrhoid surgery such as itching, burning or pain. Sometimes, they can be accompanied by a rectal tumor. So they require sufficient treatment and diagnosis.  Hemorrhoids are pathological when the blood flow in the area is interrupted. There is a hemorrhoidal disease when blowup dilatations are detected in the hemorrhoidal veins.


The exact cause of the inflammation of hemorrhoids is unknown, but risk factors have been identified that predispose to suffer it. The main causes are:

  • Constipation: The hard and dry stools of constipation oppress hemorrhoidal veins and cause inflammation.
  • Diarrhea: Severe diarrhea can reason hemorrhoids because of irritation.
  • Pregnancy: The pressure exerted by the fetus on the rectal area, to the efforts made during delivery can cause the appearance of hemorrhoids.
  • Poor eating habits: A diet low in fiber, as well as the abuse of alcohol, spicy, or coffee, is associated with the appearance of hemorrhoids.
  • Bad hydration: Drinking small water or liquids in general increases the risk of hemorrhoids.
  • Inadequate posture: Standing or sitting for periods is harmful to this situation.
  • Great efforts during the recognition of physical exercise
  • Effort during bowel movements: The oppression of hemorrhoidal veins due to the attempt during bowel movements causes this inflammation.
  • Repression of the desire to go to the bathroom: Postponing the evacuation can create, later, the defecation is harder and it is essential to make more efforts of the advisable.


  • The most frequent clinical manifestations of hemorrhoids are:
  • Bleeding: Frequently it does not produce pain and is scarce. It generally originates after defecation.
  • Prolapse: It consists of a bulge that appears when hemorrhoids leave the inside of the anus and it is difficult to put in them again.
  • Secretion: The secretion of mucus from the anal mucosa is common in internal hemorrhoids. Causes skin irritation, burning or itching, particularly during defecation.
  • Pain: Internal hemorrhoids do not generally hurt, but external ones are particularly annoying when they come out of the anus given the pressure of the anal ring.


  • To avoid the appearance of hemorrhoids and after effects of hemorrhoid surgery, it is advisable to determine the exact causes that originate them. Some recommendations are:
  • Drink two liters of water a day to prevent constipation.
  • Avoid the intake of alcohol as it impairs hindering digestion, blood circulation.
  • Reduce the consumption of salt since it favors the retention of liquids to relieve side effects after hemorrhoid surgery.
  • Eat a diet rich in fiber, fruits, vegetables, and whole products to avoid piles surgery after effects.
  • Avoid the defecator effort: In case of chronic constipation, War recommends consulting the specialist. It will give you the pharmacological procedure and eating behavior that will allow you to treat constipation while avoiding the appearance of hemorrhoids.
  • Practice sports frequently to stimulate blood circulation and help progress intestinal transit.
  • Avoid making great efforts in which the abdominal area has special importance.


The main thing is to go to a specialist in the digestive system because often the only symptom that may occur is bleeding, which is not only indicative of the occurrence of hemorrhoids but also other diseases digestive problems such as colon cancer.  Once in the consultation, the diagnosis consists first in the realization of a clinical history with the patient’s medical history and the symptoms that it presents, for a later manual exploration by the doctor. In cases in which hemorrhoids are not external, but internal, the specialist will prescribe a colonoscopy for the confirmation of the disease.


The treatment of hemorrhoids depends on the degree of inflammation or thrombosis of the affected vein of the rectal area. The most common treatment usually consists of the application of ointments with local anesthetics and anti-inflammatories the so-called sitz baths. This practice consists of bathing the affected area several times a day with warm water and salt, which helps to reduce inflammation of hemorrhoid and, therefore, reduce symptoms.

When the inflammation or strangulation of the rectal vein is very large, it usually resorts to a surgical procedure called hemorrhoidectomy a simple intervention and, typically, ambulatory in the hemorrhoidal packages are removed. In case of suffering from bleeding the first thing is to check if it is only due to hemorrhoids later, the most frequent is to perform a ligation or banding, a non-surgical procedure that is carried out in the consultation itself.

When an external hemorrhoid is severely strangulated, a minimal incision is made in hemorrhoid itself under local anesthesia allowing blood to be expelled and removing the excess skin. This treatment consists of an almost painless process that does not require hospital discharge and the patient can incorporate immediately into their daily routine. It is advisable to go to the doctor when the symptoms of hemorrhoids do not improve or if any appearance of side effects after piles surgery occurs.

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